How To Choose A Good Cat Vet?

Ideally, deciding on a cat vet is essential before bringing your feline friend home.

When it comes to the health of our cat, we cannot rely just on anyone we see, and therefore, choosing a good cat vet comes with considerations.

As cats become familiar with their vet, changing the vet, again and again, isn’t a good idea at all.

So, you should find one vet and stick to it whenever your kitty needs medical care.

Let’s get to know all the factors on how to choose a good cat vet.

Take Recommendations

Choosing a good cat vet can be difficult if you’re finding one for the first time. But you should take the process exactly like finding a doctor for your baby.

A better idea is to take recommendations from friends and family who already have pets. If you’ve bought your cat from a breeder, he will also guide you with finding a cat vet.

If these tricks don’t work well, you always have the option of searching vets through the internet.

It is an excellent option to get familiar with all the veterinary clinics in your area.

Visit The Clinic

Once you’ve known about several vets in your area, the next step is to pick a few and visit them.

However, make sure you call them before visiting and don’t take your cat with you.

Looking at the clinic will help you understand their practices and how much value they give to a clean and healthy environment.

Check if all the equipment is clean and placed in order. Professional vets value cleanliness and ensure hygienic measures to prevent diseases from spreading.

Talk To The Vet

When you’ve come to the veterinary clinic, never go back without talking to the vet. After all, he’s the one who’ll check your cat for every health issue.

The vet should have friendly behavior towards you as well as animals. If there are people already in the clinic who’ve come to get their pets checked, you can also check the vet’s behavior with them.

It’s also important that the vet you choose is a certified and licensed veterinarian, as there might be scammers out there looking to just collect money without providing solid, professional advice.

Also, don’t forget to ask about the vet’s experience and whether they have more vets in practice.

Check For Certificates

Credible veterinarians are not only licensed and certified, but they also have other certificates that prove their professionalism.

Most vets have a cat-friendly certificate, which tells that the vet has taken special training sessions to understand feline medicines.

ABVP certified vets are also highly professional as they undergo three years of studies to understand broad aspects of treatments of different animals.

Your vet may have both of these or other certifications, and it’s always better to ask about them as they help you determine the vet’s credentials.

Ask About Emergency Care

It’s crucial to understand how the vet will react to emergency situations.

If your cat gets sick suddenly or in the middle of the night, you should know the vet will always be available for help.

Vet clinics that have an emergency care unit are highly beneficial as they provide a 24-hour service.

However, if the clinic doesn’t have it, a better idea is to keep a nearby emergency care unit in mind to help your cat in emergencies.

Ask About Other Services

Cat vets are not only for vaccination. They now offer many other services under one roof.

Ideally, it’s best to choose a cat vet that offers herbal treatment, homeopathy, dental care, etc.

It’s even better if you can get your cat’s X-ray and blood test there.

In this way, you won’t have to take your sick cat from one clinic to the other. All the services at one place offer convenience to the owners and timely treatment to cats.

Final Words

Choosing a good cat vet is the first step to ensuring a healthy life for your cat.

Our feline friends can often get sick, and it’s essential to have a veterinary clinic nearby where you can get immediate help.

So, make sure you opt for the best option and keep your kitty in the best of health.

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